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Gifts for Teens

Self-Care Era Gift Set


Poppy & Pout Lemon Bloom Lip Balm


Ginger June Dead Sea Mud Mask


STELLA CHROMA Desert Turquoise Nail Polish


Apolis Tea ~ Strawberry Fields


Apolis Tea ~ Raspberry Rose Tea


Ginably Light Green Foliage Washi Tape


Elyse Breanne Design Waterfall Floral Notepad


Elyse Breanne Design Rainbow Garden Notepad


Idlewild Co. Fruit Salad Ballpoint Luxe Pen


Idlewild Co. Banana Leaf Ballpoint Luxe Pen


Girl of All Work Holiday Scene Page Flags


Elyse Breanne Design Sangria Floral Notepad


Girl of All Work Lemon Orchard Die Cut Sticky Notes


Ginably Retro Wave Pattern Washi Tape


Simply Mints ~ Peppermint


La Bloom Beauty Bloom Face Mist


Lapcos Honey Daily Sheet Mask


Awayday x Julie Atkinson Sunflower Note Cards (Boxed Set of 8)


Que 20 oz Collapsible Water Bottle


Pastel Rainbow Double Tip Markers (Set of 6)


On the Bright Side Coloring Book, by Elyse Burns


Elyse Breanne Design Rosewood Blooms Notepad


Elyse Breanne Design Mill and Meadow Post-It® Notes


Idlewild Co. Colorful Blobs Mechanical Pencils


Idlewild Co. Rainbow Duotone Slim Pen Collection


Idlewild Co. Blobs Ballpoint Luxe Pen


Ginably Blue Glitter Floral Washi Tape


Ginably Blue Floral Illustration Washi Tape


Ginably Cream Floral Illustration Washi Tape