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Custom Curated Gifts

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Let's Create Something Special

Whether you need a birthday gift for a special person or holiday gifts for the whole team, Awayday is here for you! Let us help you create personalized gifts that are tailored to the occasion, your recipients' preferences, and your budget. 

"I recently was struggling to find the perfect gift for my daughter’s teacher. I thought I’d see what boxes Awayday had available and found the custom gift box. It was absolutely perfect! I gave Kathy a budget and decided with her to do a pampering box. The teacher loved it and it was so easy for me. What a stress relief!" -- Renee

How It Works:

  1. Fill out the Custom Curated Gift Request form below to tell us about the type of gift(s) you're looking for.
  2. We'll respond ASAP (usually within 48 hours) with some initial ideas and/or a few follow-up questions.
  3. Once you've decided on a gift, we'll send you a custom link to complete your purchase.