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Thulisa Naturals Shower Steamers - Spearmint & Lime
Thulisa Naturals Shower Steamers - Spearmint & Lime
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    Thulisa Naturals Shower Steamers - Spearmint & Lime


    Each box contains 4 shower steamers.

    Advice for using shower steamers, from founder Anusha Moodley:

    "A shower steamer is like a bath bomb for your shower. To use it, you warm up your shower (get a little bit of steam because steam is actually a key component in helping diffuse the essential oils in your shower), take a shower steamer, and place it on either a ledge or if you have a shower nook you can put it there. You just want a little bit of water to touch it. And that’s it. As soon as you see it start to fizz, that’s it. You just let it sit there and let the steam do its work and the essential oils will just be like [fizzing sound] into your shower! Then just breathe it in and feel like you are in a spa."


    Thulisa, pronounced 'two-lee-sa' is of Zulu origin and it means 'bringer of peace. Since 2017, founder Anusha Moodley and her team have been able to create natural bath and body products that are handcrafted with care and premium nutrient-rich ingredients. Thulisa Naturals donates 10% of sale proceeds to provide nutritious meals to food-insecure preschoolers living in the Western Cape of South Africa.