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Apolis Tea ~ Strawberry Fields
Apolis Tea ~ Strawberry Fields

    Apolis Tea ~ Strawberry Fields


    A lush, fruity blend made specifically for iced tea with red, ripe strawberries plus the juicy flavor of cantaloupe & a just a whiff of spearmint. All three of those flavors are good but all together they are GREAT. Unique and refreshing, we made this blend especially for storytelling on the porch, visiting the farmers market, and afternoons at the splash park. Excellent hot too!

    Ingredients: organic black teas, organic freeze-dried strawberry, organic spearmint, natural flavor


    Apolis Tea founders Audrey and Alex emphasize craftsmanship: "Our craft is in the art of blending and the science of sourcing teas and ingredients.  Our producers are craftsmen and women as well; together, we work to create noteworthy teas you will get excited about."