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What Do You Do for Yourself?

by Kathryn Strahs
/ 1

I recently asked my Awayday email subscribers a simple question: "What do you do for yourself?"ย 

The responses I received, not surprisingly, varied widely. "Self-care" often means different things to different can even depend on the day! The one guiding theme remains the same -- doing what makes you feel happy.ย 

Here's a sampling of how the Awayday community takes time for themselves:

โ€œI belong to a book club full of wonderful women. We meet once a month, everyone brings snacks. We eat, talk about the book and then just enjoy time together. Itโ€™s a rather wonderful thing." ~ Nichole

โ€œI pamper myself daily by adding fresh eucalyptus sprigs to my bathroom. ย The shower steam activates it and it also deodorizes the bathroom.โ€ ~ Sharon

"I ask for gift certificates to Duckyโ€™s [car wash] for every giftgiving occasion, and no one ever gives them to me, lol. But I always feel so much better after treating myself (and my passengers) to a cleaner car." ~ Jenn

"I love having the house to myself for a few hours to clean and organize. At one point, I was treating myself to a professional organizer and that was truly amazing.โ€ ~ Melissa

"I read books on my Kindle, get a massage roughly every month, take barre classes, do my nails in a fun way every so often, and use aromatherapy shower gels depending on what I need when I step into the shower.โ€ ~Joanna

โ€œHaving a cup of โ€œbougieโ€ tea and chocolate is always a part of my self care time!โ€ ~ Kaiya

ย What are some things that you do for yourself? Share in the comments!


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