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May 2023 Awayday Box Reveal

by Kathy Strahs

This month's CULTIVATE theme for the Awayday box has been an homage to plants and all that they can teach us about life -- no green thumb required!

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All right, let's take a look inside... 

Twrl Roasted Hojicha Milk Tea

Twrl Hojicha Roasted Green Milk Tea — for all my fellow milk tea fans! I love that it’s not too sweet and, even though I’m not vegan, I think it’s cool that it’s plant-based (they use pea milk…who knew that was a thing?!).

Wildflower Soap from The Crafty Roses

The Crafty Roses Wildflower Soap — the pretty dried flowers on top drew me in initially, but the floral fragrance is even more lovely. You can find more of these beautiful soaps in the Shop!Stellar Snacks Mini Pretzel Braids
Stellar Snacks Mini Pretzel Braids — I initially fell in love with their artist-designed packaging, but was happy to discover these vegan pretzels are buttery (without butter!) and delicious too. This was a little extra bonus item this month!
Air Plant from The Simply Crafty Shop
The Simply Crafty Shop Air Plant — I definitely wanted box subscribers to have a plant for our Cultivate month, and these are so cute and — thankfully — easy to keep alive!
Elyse Breanne Design Reusable Bags
Elyse Breanne Design Floral Reusable Bags — Speaking of cute…I know subscribers will find lots of uses for these portable bags this spring and into summer. Be sure to check out some of her other products in the Shop!
Please Grow, by Alex Testere
Please Grow, by Alex Testere — this beautifully illustrated book fits squarely into the Cultivate theme, as it’s all about the life lessons we can learn from how plants grow and thrive.
Awayday Box -- May 2023
And that was the Awayday Box for May 2023! 

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