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July 2023 Awayday Box Reveal

by Kathy Strahs

When I decided months ago that July's Awayday Box would have a COOL theme, I had no idea just how needed this theme would be! I was definitely glad to send out items to keep subscribers cool and calm during this crazy heat wave. 

Before we get to what was inside...

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All right, let's unbox...

Awayday Monogram Tote: Whether you're headed to the beach, the pool, or any other cool spot, carry your gear in style in this personalized Monogram Tote. These are Awayday originals, designed and pressed completely in-house (more specifically, my house!). I recently took mine on vacation -- it holds a ton of stuff!

Simply Mints -- Peppermint

Simply Mints: Ok, mints aren't actually going to cool you off, but they definitely give a cooling sensation, and with as hot as it's been lately, I'll take it! Simply Mints, founded by Caron Proschan, are made from just three ingredients, none of which are artificial sweeteners. Clean and refreshing!

La Bloom Beauty Face Mist

La Bloom Beauty Bloom Face Mist: I have been treating myself to this La Bloom Beauty Face Mist for the past month, and every time I spritz...bliss. It cools me right down, and I love the light fragrance. You're gonna want to keep this one close at hand.

Que 20 oz Collapsible Water Bottle: You might recognize this innovative Que Collapsible 20 oz Water Bottle from the Father's Day Gift Sets I made earlier this year. Even though the Charcoal Metallic color is depicted above, I put the Iceberg Blue version in the box (because Cool month!). I love how lightweight and portable it is, and it's super easy to load in ice cubes through the wide mouth. 

MixCraft Reusable Ice Cubes

MixCraft Eternal Ice Reusable Cocktail Ice Spheres: Speaking of ice... the Eternal Ice Reusable Cocktail Ice Spheres from Mixcraft look great in a glass (or subscribers can pop 'em into their awesome new water bottle!) and they won't dilute your drink.

...and that was the Awayday Box for July!


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